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13 Coolest Objects Made of Wood
On 9/4/2010 under Cool Objects - 95,968 views

From a full functional computer to a handcrafted Vespa motorcycle, meet thirteen of the coolest objects made of wood we've seen.   Read more »
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In an Avalanche of Ice, Texas Sets Sno Cone Record
It's official: The old record for the World's Largest Sno Cone has been obliterated by a blizzard of ice shavings in Lubbock, Texas.
Donna D'Errico's TSA Meltdown Goes Viral [Video]
The Week in Weird (Naked Protesters Edition)
Identity Thief Wanted Bigger Breasts
Latest Jesus Sighting: Outside a Pub in Australia

10 Unbelievable SMS Texting Stories
On 9/3/2010 under Strange Stories - 481,525 views

From the girl who got 50,000 for speed texting to the guy who got a 26,000 bill for too much texting, meet ten of the weirdest stories involving SMS.   Read more »
10 Bizarre Business Ideas that Made Millionaires
On 9/2/2010 under Strange Stories - 168,478 views

Do you cry every time you look at your paycheck? Then meet these smart people who turned stupid ideas into a million dollar bank account.   Read more »
World's Largest Graffiti to be Inaugurated in Brazil (Exclusive!)
On 9/2/2010 under Strange Stories - 52,887 views

Oddee's exclusive reporter Priscilha Benitez sent us the very first photos published on the internet for the World's Largest Graffiti, a 3500 square meters (over 37,000 square feet) long mural to be inaugurated today, Sept 2, 2010 by brazilian President Lula Da Silva.   Read more »
12 Geekiest Fashion Accessories
On 9/1/2010 under Cool Objects - 140,428 views

Are you a geek and you're proud of it? Then meet these cool accessories that show how geeks can be fashionable too.   Read more »
10 Grossest World Records
On 8/31/2010 under Weird Science - 269,511 views

From the world's largest tumor ever removed to the loudest female burp, these records are not for the faint of stomach.   Read more »
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fat admiration and the so called feeders
by marit on Today 12/12/2010
1 votes
Fat fetishism, also referred to as fat admiration,is the usually heterosexual sexual attraction to o(...)
Instant Underpants
by Jill on Today 12/12/2010
0 votes
Just add water and you have a pair of clean, wet underwear.
racist much?
by Carson on Today 12/12/2010
1 votes
haha! from the wall street journal
8 Funniest Chatroulette Pranks & Reactions
On 8/30/2010 under Misc - 154,880 views
NSFW / 18+

Do you know what to do when you are bored at night? Join Chatroulette. What to do when you are extra bored? Prank at Chatroulette. Have fun!   Read more »
12 Funniest Toilet Paper Holders
On 8/29/2010 under Cool Home Design - 105,626 views

Why don't you add some fun to those especial moments of the day? Meet some of the craziest toilet paper holder designs.   Read more »
Another 15 Weirdest Rugs and Carpets
On 8/28/2010 under Cool Home Design - 89,385 views

Choosing the right rug can be a difficult task, meet fifteen of the most creative and weird rugs and carpets you can have.   Read more »
8 Unbelievable iPod Stories
On 8/27/2010 under Strange Stories - 194,889 views

From an explosion to a ship crash, meet some of the craziest things that can happen when all you want is to listen to some music and 'chill out'.   Read more »

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12 Worst Traffic Jams
On 8/26/2010 under Cool Places - 138,420 views

Always complaining about how terrible traffic is? Then take a look at these busy roads that'll make you feel the luckiest person on earth.   Read more »
10 Bizarre and Insanely Expensive Auctions
On 8/25/2010 under Misc - 94,551 views

From Marilyn Monroe's dress to Lennon's toilet, meet some of the weirdest –and expensiest items people have bidden for.   Read more »
10 of the Weirdest Hobbies
On 8/24/2010 under Strange People - 159,259 views

Boredom or too much creativity; meet some of the weirdest activities people engage in when they have plenty of free time.   Read more »
15 Funny Engrish T-Shirts
On 8/23/2010 under Misc - 128,693 views

Nice T-sh... wait, what? Automatic translators have created some of the most strangest, senseless T-shirts out there, meet fifteen of them.   Read more »
15 Creative Stools
On 8/22/2010 under Cool Objects - 92,483 views

From a stool that works as an iPod dock, to another shaped like a Martini glass, meet fifteen creative stools.   Read more »
10 Most Bizarre Liquors and Alcoholic Drinks
On 8/21/2010 under Cool Objects - 125,970 views

From a liquor made with lizard to a pizza beer, meet some of the craziest drinks you can have in case you get tired of just plain beer.   Read more »
10 Unbelievable Twitter Stories
On 8/20/2010 under Fun Tech - 146,593 views

From abortion issues to terrorist attacks, meet ten amazing stories triggered by 140 characters.   Read more »
13 Dumbest Belly Tattoos
On 8/19/2010 under Misc - 172,300 views

For every drunken night there is a regretful tattoo. Meet some of the craziest ones that at least can be hidden under a T-shirt. (NSFW)   Read more »
10 Most Bizarre Things Available for Rent
On 8/18/2010 under Misc - 119,800 views

From a bridesmaid to a female caring robot, meet ten of the craziest stuff you can actually rent.   Read more »
10 Weirdest Reasons To Get Fired
On 8/17/2010 under Strange Stories - 136,582 views

From a slice of cheese to doing charity, meet some of the craziest causes people were laid off.   Read more »
12 Weirdest Belts
On 8/16/2010 under Cool Objects - 100,867 views

It's not just a simple and plain accessory; belts are made to keep your pants on. And with such an important mission, you must pay some attention to them. Meet some of the craziest designs.   Read more »
12 Coolest Sticky Notes
On 8/15/2010 under Cool Gift Ideas - 115,993 views

Forget no more, meet twelve creative note pads you can actually buy.   Read more »
10 Most Controversial Sculptures
On 8/14/2010 under Amazing Art - 244,100 views
NSFW / 18+

Either by the impact they have caused in the media or by their unusual appearance, some artists have created very rare sculptures, meet ten of the most controversial ones.   Read more »
World's Oldest People
On 8/13/2010 under Strange People - 127,276 views

They skydive, go to proms and even swing; meet ten elders who prove age is no excuse to stop living.   Read more »
10 Worst Tattoos For an Airport
On 8/12/2010 under Misc - 204,245 views

Take a look at these tattoos that are definitely going to make you be pulled out of line by airport security.   Read more »

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