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8 Craziest Ways to Quit a Job
On 8/11/2010 under Strange Stories - 183,310 views

You are totally fed up with your job, you are not worried about the financial crisis and want a big finale? Then meet these crazy fellows who resigned in the least conventional way and follow their example!   Read more »
10 Of the Best Prank Videos Ever
On 8/10/2010 under Misc - 135,533 views

Creativity is increased with boredom; meet ten of the coolest pranks ever.   Read more »
10 Relationships Ruined by the Internet
On 8/9/2010 under Strange People - 203,344 views

From divorce to murder, meet ten stories that prove internet and love can be a terrible combination.   Read more »
12 Suggestive and Creative Sexy Ads
On 8/8/2010 under Cool Ads - 238,140 views

Advertising often uses techniques such as suggestion; it is sometimes subtle, other times very noticeable. Here are 12 of the most suggestive and creative sexy ads.   Read more »
10 Craziest Spa Treatments
On 8/7/2010 under Misc - 94,755 views

Are you too stressed, too wrinkly or just bored? Then meet ten of the strangest spa treatments money can buy.   Read more »
10 Craziest Bikinis
On 8/6/2010 under Cool Objects - 500,133 views

From a burqa styled bikini to a dissolvable one, meet ten of the weirdest fashion swimwear to model at the beach.   Read more »
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fat admiration and the so called feeders
by marit on Today 12/12/2010
1 votes
Fat fetishism, also referred to as fat admiration,is the usually heterosexual sexual attraction to o(...)
Instant Underpants
by Jill on Today 12/12/2010
0 votes
Just add water and you have a pair of clean, wet underwear.
racist much?
by Carson on Today 12/12/2010
1 votes
haha! from the wall street journal
10 Funniest Rejection Letters
On 8/5/2010 under Misc - 250,422 views

Rejection is always tough, no matter if it is kind, funny or cruel. Take a look at these letters to other people so you won't feel so bad about yourself.   Read more »
12 Coolest Beach Towels
On 8/4/2010 under Cool Gift Ideas - 110,560 views

It's beach time; meet some of the coolest beach towels you can actually buy to enjoy the summer.   Read more »
Another 12 Funny Yahoo Answers Fails
On 8/3/2010 under Fun Tech - 169,405 views

We know it's a free service, but before asking a question on Yahoo Answers, please make sure you use some common sense. Meet another twelve funny Yahoo Answers that'll leave you wondering about the fate of humanity.   Read more »
10 Funniest Music Idol Auditions
On 8/2/2010 under Misc - 86,276 views

From the US to Malaysia, the Music Idol fever left some severely hurt ears around the world.   Read more »

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15 Creative Benches
On 8/1/2010 under Cool Objects - 110,012 views

From a bench made of 1600 pencils to a Wi-Fi hotspot solar bench, meet fifteen of the most creative benches.   Read more »
10 Craziest Soccer Goal Celebrations
On 7/31/2010 under Strange Stories - 86,804 views

From fishing to boxing, meet ten of the coolest goal celebrations in soccer.   Read more »
World's Coolest Bathrooms
On 7/30/2010 under Cool Home Design - 143,771 views

People sometimes don't pay much attention, but a bathroom is the most important room in a building. Meet some of the craziest ones.   Read more »
13 Hilariously Inappropriate T-Shirts
On 7/29/2010 under Misc - 619,638 views

That's why you should take a look at yourself carefully in the mirror before leaving home.   Read more »
Another 13 Creative Bus Ads
On 7/28/2010 under Amazing Art - 141,211 views

What a better time to get special information than when you are stuck in traffic. Take a look at the most ingenious ads on buses.   Read more »
13 Hilarious Headline Fails
On 7/27/2010 under Misc - 117,085 views

Sometimes hiring a proofreader is the best investment a newspaper can do.   Read more »
10 Movie Characters That Turned Out To Be Real People
On 7/26/2010 under Strange People - 303,808 views

Meet ten amazing characters you may not know were inspired by real-life stories.   Read more »
12 Strangest Candies
On 7/25/2010 under Cool Objects - 134,726 views

From a candy to pimp your teeth like a rapper to a disgusting cockroach candy, meet twelve of the weirdest candies.   Read more »
12 Creative Toothpaste Advertisements
On 7/24/2010 under Cool Ads - 104,599 views

From a masochist character depicting pain to a tongue protecting its eyes from shining, meet twelve of the most creative toothpaste ads from all over the world.   Read more »
10 Coolest Illusions in Everyday Products
On 7/23/2010 under Cool Home Design - 176,838 views

If you love magic no matter what, meet these ten items that will bring illusion to your day-to-day life.   Read more »
12 Most Unfortunate Celebrity Mugshots
On 7/22/2010 under Strange People - 136,047 views

Celebrities may think they have the world on a string, but just like anyone else they can have their run-ins with the law. Here are some famous faces who've seen the unglamorous side of breaking the rules.   Read more »
10 Unusual Drive-Thru Services
On 7/21/2010 under Misc - 132,315 views

Are you always in a hurry? Then meet ten of the weirdest services you can get without ever leaving your car.   Read more »
Another 8 Psychotic Girlfriends
On 7/20/2010 under Strange People - 163,737 views

From the woman who set her partner on fire to the one who ripped off her ex boyfriend's balls and tried to swallow it, meet another eight of the craziest angry girlfriends ever.   Read more »
15 Funniest Accidentally Naughty Headlines
On 7/19/2010 under Misc - 269,745 views

When hiring a proofreading editor you should avoid the ones who have previously worked at an adult movie company. Some habits are hard to quit.   Read more »
10 Most Exotic Fruits
On 7/18/2010 under Weird Science - 149,419 views

Everybody says eating fruits is good for your health, but we dare you to try these weird exotic fruits.   Read more »

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