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10 Most Creative Apartment Blocks
On 7/16/2009 under Cool Places - 119,940 views

Some of the strangest, most creative apartment blocks from around the world.   Read more »
10 Divine Apparitions In Unexpected Places
On 7/16/2009 under Misc - 119,251 views

Some people see God everywhere, and we mean e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e: from a cheese sandwich to a bathroom.   Read more »
13 Most Unfortunate Personal Names for their Jobs
On 7/15/2009 under Funny Names - 315,605 views

Ride a taxi with driver Chew Kok and open your mouth to Dr. Boner: meet 13 people with unfortunate names for their job.   Read more »
10 Strangest Manias
On 7/14/2009 under Misc - 116,775 views

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you...   Read more »
10 Bizarre Things You Didn't Know You Could Buy Online
On 7/14/2009 under Cool Gift Ideas - 156,434 views

From an Apollo 17 Astronaut Space Suit to a Million-dolar diamond, get your credit card ready!   Read more »
12 Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors
On 7/13/2009 under Misc - 178,607 views

From bacon, to caviar, some of the strangest flavors in the world's most popular dessert.   Read more »
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fat admiration and the so called feeders
by marit on Today 12/12/2010
0 votes
Fat fetishism, also referred to as fat admiration,is the usually heterosexual sexual attraction to o(...)
Instant Underpants
by Jill on Today 12/12/2010
0 votes
Just add water and you have a pair of clean, wet underwear.
racist much?
by Carson on Today 12/12/2010
0 votes
haha! from the wall street journal
10 Strangest Bars
On 7/12/2009 under Cool Places - 139,460 views

From a bar located six meters underwater to another one served only by dwarves, meet ten of the most unusual places to have a drink.   Read more »
15 Most Idiotic Tattoos
On 7/11/2009 under Misc - 554,667 views

Ink is forever, some (drunk?) people forget that!   Read more »
10 Strangest Frogs
On 7/10/2009 under Weird Science - 90,741 views

If you think simple frogs are creepy, wait until you meet these ten bizarre species.   Read more »
20 Creative and Funny Toilet Signs
On 7/9/2009 under Funny Signs - 260,822 views

Interesting, strange and funny toilet signs from around the world.   Read more »

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World's Oldest
On 7/8/2009 under Misc - 177,318 views

From the oldest joke --from 1900 BC-- to a 83-year-old yoga instructor, meet 12 really old stuff and people.   Read more »
15 Coolest Laptop Sleeves and Bags
On 7/7/2009 under Cool Gift Ideas - 114,039 views

The bag you use to carry your laptop doesn't have to be boring, meet some of the most unique designs to take it around.   Read more »
10 Most Fascinating Medical Miracles
On 7/6/2009 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 232,093 views

Medical skills or the hand of God, meet ten astonishing stories of people who cheated death.   Read more »
12 Most Creative Tissue Boxes
On 7/5/2009 under Cool Objects - 104,702 views

It's flu season, so we made a list with some of the most unusual tissue boxes to wipe your nose without losing your sense of humor.   Read more »
12 Worst Parking Jobs Ever
On 7/4/2009 under Misc - 179,332 views

Some people just don't know how to park.   Read more »
12 Most Disturbing Vintage Ads
On 7/3/2009 under Cool Ads - 198,605 views

These are twelve real, untouched advertisements from the good old days. From shaved ladies to coffins, these vintage ad wizards found ways to traumatize us while pedaling everyday products.   Read more »
9 Prophetic Movies: when life imitates art
On 7/2/2009 under Misc - 150,617 views

Movies can be prophetic: meet nine movie plots that came true!   Read more »
12 Fascinating Objects Covered with Diamonds
On 7/1/2009 under Cool Objects - 67,471 views

Meet twelve fascinating products and objects recreated with diamonds.   Read more »
Another 10 Misspelled Tattoos
On 7/1/2009 under Misc - 220,147 views

Nothing says forever like ten more misspelled tattoos.   Read more »
10 Most Amazing Grass Sculptures
On 6/30/2009 under Amazing Art - 96,413 views

Grass grows on the earth, but doesn't necessarily have to stay on it. See funny ways of sculpting grass.   Read more »
When Ex-Lovers Take Revenge
On 6/30/2009 under Strange Stories - 316,798 views

From plastering posters of embarrassing photos of their ex all over the city, to selling sexy ones on Ebay, meet some crazy stories from people who just can't take being dumped.   Read more »
10 Weirdest Toilet Papers
On 6/29/2009 under Cool Objects - 174,764 views

Sited on the toilet and bored? Never again! From a toilet paper with origamis to another with Osama bin Laden, see some of the funniest designs you could ever imagine.   Read more »
10 of the Worst Restaurant Names ever
On 6/29/2009 under Funny Names - 195,634 views

Gassey, My Dung... What were they thinking?   Read more »
15 Amazing Etch-a-Sketch Artworks
On 6/28/2009 under Amazing Art - 113,568 views

George Vlosich creates insanely detailed Etch-A-Sketch illustrations, meet 15 of them.   Read more »
10 Most Creative Anti-Smoking Campaigns
On 6/28/2009 under Cool Ads - 126,221 views

Advertising agencies have gotten super creative to fight against the Tobacco Industry. Meet some of the best anti-smoking ad campaigns.   Read more »

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10 Most Controversial Sculptures (NSFW / 18+)
10 Hilarious Yet Ingenious Solutions To Everyday Problems

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