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15 Creative Umbrellas
On 5/21/2009 under Cool Objects - 207,879 views

From a cloud shaped umbrella to another with a hidden flask, meet some of the most creative ways to escape from rain.   Read more »
10 Craziest Products Inspired by Bacon
On 5/21/2009 under Cool Gift Ideas - 107,049 views

Bacon... is there anything it can't do? Ten crazy bacon-inspired products you can actually buy.   Read more »
15 Dumbest Car Spoilers
On 5/20/2009 under Cool Objects - 164,432 views

When car spoilers go bad.   Read more »
8 Bizarre Subcultures
On 5/20/2009 under Misc - 182,944 views

Some of the world's oddest subcultures, proving there is no limit in being different.   Read more »
15 Most Bizarre Patents
On 5/19/2009 under Fun Tech - 220,951 views

From an anti-eating mask to a bird diaper, meet some of the most useless, weirdest patents.   Read more »
15 Sexist Vintage Ads
On 5/18/2009 under Cool Ads - 557,299 views

We've come a long way since advertising was so offensively sexist. Right?   Read more »
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Pedobear mistook for Vancouver 2010 OGs
by mazoku-chan on Yesterday 12/11/2010
0 votes
Vancouver-based artist Michael Barrick created the image four months ago by photoshopping Pedobear i(...)
Attack on the queen of Holland
by KC on Yesterday 12/11/2010
0 votes
Not touched. Not the photo and not the queen!
Erma Bombeck gravestone
by wifeofthesnake on Yesterday 12/11/2010
0 votes
Erma Bombeck's gravestone at Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum in Dayton, Ohio
10 Amazing Sculptures Made of Typewriters
On 5/17/2009 under Amazing Art - 76,131 views

Taking vintage typewriters and turning them into sculptures without using any kind of glue, welding or soldering may sound impossible, but not for Jeremy Mayer who has created these amazing typewriter sculptures by using cold assembly methods.   Read more »
Another 16 Creative Ads in Unusual Places
On 5/16/2009 under Cool Ads - 162,295 views

Here, another 16 of the most creative ads, presented in unusual places.   Read more »
12 of the World's Most Fascinating Ruins
On 5/15/2009 under Cool Places - 138,093 views

From worldwide famous Colosseum in Rome to Jesuitical Missions in forgotten Paraguay, twelve structures made by man and destroyed by time.   Read more »
10 Most Bizarre Collections
On 5/14/2009 under Cool Objects - 116,819 views

From soap to hair, some of the most unusual set of stuff collectors bring together.   Read more »

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10 Dumbest 911 Calls
On 5/13/2009 under Strange Stories - 298,143 views

Some people call 911 for very strange reasons and often get in trouble for it. Meet ten 911 stories you won't believe.   Read more »
10 Craziest Extreme Sports
On 5/12/2009 under Misc - 122,962 views

One of the things that sets humans apart from other mammals is our sense of competition, reason why we've created 10 of the strangest, most dangerous extreme sports in the world.   Read more »
10 Most Fascinating Mazes
On 5/11/2009 under Cool Places - 176,656 views

From Hawaii to France and the UK, there's nothing like getting lost in some of the most fascinating mazes in the world.   Read more »
15 of the World's Greatest Living Rocks
On 5/10/2009 under Cool Places - 90,509 views

The practice of creating buildings, sculptures or monuments by carving natural rock is called 'Rock-cut architecture,' a tradition with over 5000 years. Some famous, others little known, meet some of the most breathtaking works created from the 'living rock.'   Read more »
15 of the Meanest CAPTCHAs ever
On 5/9/2009 under Fun Tech - 305,196 views

You've seen them all around the web, CAPTCHAs are those distorted images of letters and numbers used to prevent the automated use of websites. They are supposedely random, but sometimes they seem to be "telling you" something; others are just plain ridiculous or humanly impossible to read. Here's a collection of the strangest, most bizarre tests agains spam bots.   Read more »
10 Divorce Stories you won't believe
On 5/8/2009 under Strange Stories - 207,792 views

From a man who divorced his wife for being 'too shy' to consummate their marriage after a year, to a woman who got divorced after her parrot started repeating words like 'divorce' and 'be patient.'   Read more »
10 Most Fascinating Castles and Palaces
On 5/7/2009 under Cool Places - 673,245 views

From the Potala Palace, Tibet's greatest monumental structure, to another in Slovenia who's integrated in a cave.   Read more »
10 Most Bizarre Beauty Pageants
On 5/6/2009 under Strange Stories - 195,164 views

From Miss Pregnant to Miss Russian Army, some of the strangest beauty contests ever.   Read more »
Swine Flu Fashion: Pimp my Mask
On 5/5/2009 under Misc - 104,340 views

With all the fear and paranoia about the Swine Flu, it seems mexicans still found a way to put a smile on their masks.   Read more »
10 of the World's Most Dangerous Roads
On 5/4/2009 under Cool Places - 406,940 views

From Bolivia's Death Road to Norway's Trollstigen, some of the most dangerous roads in the world.   Read more »
15 Strangest Lamps
On 5/3/2009 under Cool Home Design - 142,810 views

From a Darth Vader Lamp to another with the shape of his designer's brain, meet some of the strangest, most creative lamps.   Read more »
Playing with Food: 15 Pieces of Food Art
On 5/2/2009 under Amazing Art - 103,548 views

Brazilian artist Vanessa Dualib gets an almost embarrassing amount of fun at photographing veggies and fruits that were, clearly, 'born' to be something else in this world. Meet her delicious work.   Read more »
10 Most Bizarre Gaming Incidents
On 5/1/2009 under Fun Tech - 215,764 views

From a woman who was virtually raped in Second Life, to a boy who saved his sister from a moose with skills learned from World of Warcraft   Read more »
10 Alien-Looking Places on Earth
On 4/30/2009 under Cool Places - 393,933 views

From Antartica's Dry Valleys to the Socotra Island, some of the most fascinating alien-like landscapes on earth.   Read more »
15 Strangest Keyboards
On 4/29/2009 under Fun Tech - 225,834 views

From a Washable Keyboard to another covered with Gold, some of the strangest, most creative keyboards around.   Read more »

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