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10 Most Fascinating Natural Phenomena
On 4/28/2009 under Weird Science - 285,998 views

From Red Tides to Fire Whirls, some of the strangest, most interesting natural phenomena on earth.   Read more »
15 Most Unfortunate Tattoos for a Mugshot
On 4/27/2009 under Misc - 326,050 views

If you have one of these tattoos all over your face or neck, chances are you'll take at least one mugshot in your lifetime.   Read more »
12 Amazing Chewing Gum Sculptures
On 4/26/2009 under Amazing Art - 83,307 views

Over the last 10 years, italian artist Maurizio Savini has been creating a series of sculptures using thousands of pieces of chewing gum. Meet some of his best artworks.   Read more »
15 Coolest Pillows
On 4/25/2009 under Cool Objects - 810,674 views

Some of the coolest, most creative pillows we've found.   Read more »
10 of the World's Largest Vegetables and Fruits
On 4/24/2009 under Cool Objects - 142,662 views

From the World's Biggest Sweet Potato (24.9 Lbs or 11.2 Kg) to the Largest Pumpkin, long diners are ahead.   Read more »
10 Most Disturbing Bugs
On 4/23/2009 under Weird Science - 443,551 views

From nasty Moths, to awful Beetles, some of the most disturbing and bizarre bugs we've found.   Read more »
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Pedobear mistook for Vancouver 2010 OGs
by mazoku-chan on Yesterday 12/11/2010
0 votes
Vancouver-based artist Michael Barrick created the image four months ago by photoshopping Pedobear i(...)
Attack on the queen of Holland
by KC on Yesterday 12/11/2010
0 votes
Not touched. Not the photo and not the queen!
Erma Bombeck gravestone
by wifeofthesnake on Yesterday 12/11/2010
0 votes
Erma Bombeck's gravestone at Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum in Dayton, Ohio
10 Most Creative Holders
On 4/22/2009 under Cool Gift Ideas - 316,139 views

From a Human Key Holder to a Thumb Thing Book Holder, some of the most creative holders you can actually buy.   Read more »
7 Wedding Proposals Gone Bad
On 4/21/2009 under Strange Stories - 309,667 views

From a quirky marriage proposal that triggered an UFO alert, to an engagement ring that took off inside a helium balloon!   Read more »
Sex In The Middle Ages: 10 Titillating Facts You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid to Ask
On 4/20/2009 under Misc - 507,314 views
NSFW / 18+

Many of the deepest ideas and notions of sex that we hold today were formulated and laid down in the Middle Ages. Presented by our guest author David Morton, meet ten fascinating facts about Sex in the Middle Ages.   Read more »
Another 11 Fascinating LEGO Creations
On 4/19/2009 under Cool Objects - 132,745 views

From a WALL-E made of LEGO to the whole Venice recreated in bricks.   Read more »

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10 Most Bizarre Paternity Stories
On 4/17/2009 under Strange Stories - 202,820 views

From a "Man" who got pregnant twice, to the bizarre case of twin brothers who don't know which one is the father... as they unknowingly had sex with the same woman on the same day!   Read more »
15 Creative Ads in Unusual Places
On 4/16/2009 under Cool Ads - 306,405 views

Marketers are always on the look out for the next big advertising stunt in hopes of attracting major attention. Meet some of the most creative ads, presented in unusual places.   Read more »
Yet Another 12 Insanely Titled Books
On 4/15/2009 under Cool Objects - 184,570 views

From "Excrement in the Late Middle Ages" to "How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read", another bunch of bizarre books you can actually buy.   Read more »
12 Most Creative Sofas
On 4/15/2009 under Cool Home Design - 156,884 views

From a Swimming Pool Sofa to a double decker, some of the coolest, most creative sofas we've seen.   Read more »
10 Creative Salt & Pepper Shakers
On 4/14/2009 under Cool Objects - 160,619 views

Some of the coolest, most creative Salt & Pepper Shakers you can actually buy.   Read more »
10 Amazing Hybrid Animals
On 4/14/2009 under Weird Science - 507,037 views

From the Zebroid (Zebra + Equine) to a Beefalo (Buffalo + Cow), some of the most intriguing hybrid animals.   Read more »
9 Funny Street Intersections
On 4/13/2009 under Funny Signs - 164,894 views

Where Destiny Way meets Inspiration Drive, and Church differs from Gay Street.   Read more »
14 Sculptures made of Tires
On 4/12/2009 under Amazing Art - 151,395 views

Some of the best sculptures made of car tires we've seen.   Read more »
10 Unfortunate Cakes
On 4/11/2009 under Cool Objects - 270,922 views

When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.   Read more »
15 Failed Predictions about the Future
On 4/10/2009 under Misc - 402,118 views

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” --Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.   Read more »
15 Creative Motorcycle Helmets
On 4/9/2009 under Cool Objects - 310,252 views

Some of the funniest, most unique motorcycle helmets we've seen.   Read more »
9 of the World's Biggest Animals
On 4/9/2009 under Weird Science - 325,253 views

From the world's biggest dog, to a cow as big as a small elephant: 6ft tall and weighs well over a ton.   Read more »
8 Fascinating Object Graveyards
On 4/8/2009 under Cool Places - 255,260 views

The places where trains, ships and tanks go to die.   Read more »
8 Coolest Coffee Mugs and Cups
On 4/8/2009 under Cool Gift Ideas - 206,603 views

Some of the most creative coffee mugs and cups you can actually buy.   Read more »
12 Bizarre and Unique Roofs
On 4/7/2009 under Cool Home Design - 141,648 views

Beautiful house and buildings roofs you've never seen.   Read more »

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Sex In The Middle Ages: 10 Titillating Facts You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid to Ask (NSFW / 18+)
10 Amazing Hybrid Animals
10 Extraordinary Child Prodigies
10 Geekiest Panties

10 Far-out Valentine's Gifts
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10 Most Controversial Sculptures (NSFW / 18+)
10 Hilarious Yet Ingenious Solutions To Everyday Problems

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