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Only in Libya
On 7/17/2010 under Misc - 109,541 views

See some of the weirdest things happening in this country located in North Africa.   Read more »
8 Clever Bandits
On 7/16/2010 under Strange People - 140,263 views

Sometimes crime does pay, especially if you have an intelligent mind like these eight outlaws.   Read more »
12 Coolest Headphones
On 7/15/2010 under Fun Tech - 114,138 views

From Transformers to Lego, meet twelve of the coolest earphones ever.   Read more »
10 of World's Strangest Snacks
On 7/14/2010 under Misc - 131,027 views

From fertilized duck eggs to squid balls, people can eat the strangest things.   Read more »
12 Hilarious Help Wanted Ads
On 7/13/2010 under Funny Signs - 202,412 views

Finding a job is not an easy task, specially if you have to read this kind of job offers.   Read more »
10 of the World's Dumbest Celebrity Tattoos
On 7/12/2010 under Misc - 196,103 views

For a lot of people they are role models. Let's just hope most of these tattoos don't become a trend.   Read more »
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fat admiration and the so called feeders
by marit on Today 12/12/2010
1 votes
Fat fetishism, also referred to as fat admiration,is the usually heterosexual sexual attraction to o(...)
Instant Underpants
by Jill on Today 12/12/2010
0 votes
Just add water and you have a pair of clean, wet underwear.
racist much?
by Carson on Today 12/12/2010
1 votes
haha! from the wall street journal
10 Amazing Sculptures Made of Hubcaps
On 7/11/2010 under Amazing Art - 67,464 views

Meet Ptolemy Elrington, the artist who makes thousands of dollars transforming abandoned hubcaps into art.   Read more »
10 Strangest Toothpastes
On 7/10/2010 under Cool Objects - 118,305 views

From chocolate to bacon, meet ten of the weirdest toothpastes ever made.   Read more »
12 Unfortunate Beards and Mustaches for a Mugshot
On 7/9/2010 under Strange People - 256,249 views

Getting caught sucks, but having your mugshot taken with a half baked beard all over the Internet can't be much fun either.   Read more »
10 Most Bizarre Fragrances
On 7/8/2010 under Cool Objects - 109,456 views

Oh, the sweet smell of weed... wouldn't you like to -legally- have it on you every day? Or what if you could smell like lobster at the office? Meet some of the strangest fragrances you can buy online.   Read more »

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10 of the World's Strangest Conventions
On 7/7/2010 under Misc - 131,878 views

From the World Toilet Summit, to the Sexpo, meet some of the weirdest conventions held every year around the world.   Read more »
7 Most Extreme Roller Coasters
On 7/6/2010 under Cool Places - 175,290 views

The tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. Frequently heard phrases from the millions of people who have been on these terrible rides include: "Ohhhh noooo", "S&%t!" and the classic "We're gonna die!". Watching the videos is a must.   Read more »
12 Most Clever Interactive Billboards
On 7/5/2010 under Cool Ads - 137,130 views

There are plenty of billboards scattered over all cities throughout the world – and only few of them catch an eye and are well-remembered by almost everyone. The best way to get people remember and spread your message is to make them participate in your advertising campaign and one of this enrolling campaign, i.e. to make your campaign interactive. Meet twelve creative billboards that accomplish it.   Read more »
12 Coolest Teapots You Can Actually Buy
On 7/4/2010 under Cool Gift Ideas - 85,596 views

After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. So why don't you surprise your guests with an unusual teapot while serving this traditional infusion?   Read more »
12 Unbelievable Mosaics
On 7/3/2010 under Amazing Art - 91,178 views

Little pieces of weird materials that become huge works of arts, meet twelve unusual and amazing mosaics.   Read more »
10 Hilarious Amazon Reviews
On 7/2/2010 under Fun Tech - 164,143 views

Product reviews posted by customers at the web's most famous e-commerce site, Amazon.com, are a useful tool when buying online, but it seems some customers have too much time on their hands and have been playing around with them. Meet twelve of the funniest reviews we've seen.   Read more »
13 Craziest Ear Tattoos
On 7/1/2010 under Misc - 125,885 views

Are you looking for a free spot to have some ink done? There is a new creepy trend: ear tattoos. Take a look at some of the wackiest ones.   Read more »
15 Hilarious Dogs in Costumes
On 6/30/2010 under Misc - 108,530 views

After looking at these funny dressed up canines, you will understand why some dogs bite.   Read more »
10 of the Weirdest Soccer Goals of All Times
On 6/29/2010 under Misc - 132,803 views

World Cup 2010 is heating up, so we thought this was the perfect moment to show some of the funniest and most controversial goals ever made around the globe.   Read more »
10 of the World's Worst Boyfriends
On 6/28/2010 under Strange People - 410,494 views

That old aunt advice, ‘it's better to be alone than in bad company', was never more wisely said than for the girls dating these ten scum bags.   Read more »
10 Creative Dispensers You Can Actually Buy
On 6/27/2010 under Cool Gift Ideas - 133,317 views

From a nose shower gel dispenser to a funny manneken pis liquor dispenser, meet ten of the coolest dispensers you can buy online.   Read more »
12 Manliest iPhone Cases
On 6/26/2010 under Fun Tech - 133,132 views

From phoneballs to bloody themed cover, meet twelve cases for you iPhone made of testosterone.   Read more »
10 Hilarious Yet Ingenious Solutions To Everyday Problems
On 6/25/2010 under Misc - 242,475 views

From bad bus drivers to showing around your butt-crack, small things can complicate your day. Not anymore, meet these ingenious gadgets and ideas to solve even the most unsolvable crisis.   Read more »
12 Most Creative Calendar Systems
On 6/24/2010 under Cool Objects - 109,644 views

From an unusual calendar that uses the capillary action of the ink on paper to an amazing one in the shape of a wallpaper, meet 12 of the most innovative calendars.   Read more »
7 Most Psychotic Girlfriends
On 6/23/2010 under Strange People - 434,023 views

From a girlfriend who blew off her boyfriend's penis to another one who bit his tongue off, meet seven of the craziest angry girlfriends ever.   Read more »

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