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Bizarre Medical Stories

7 Illegal Drugs That Are Surprisingly Good Medicine
On 12/6/2010 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 139,221 views

Medical marijuana has been used to effectively treat everything from chronic pain to bulimia to glaucoma to asthma. If one illegal drug can have so many useful medical purposes, is it possible that other drugs do as well? They most certainly do. While we don't recommend you try these treatments, we do recommend learning more about science with articles like this.   Read more »
10 Most Reckless Doctors
On 10/25/2010 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 164,433 views

From a simple temporary tattoo to a lobotomy, meet some of the craziest things you can get after visiting one of these very unorthodox doctors.   Read more »
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Was Lost City of Atlantis Found in Spanish Marsh?
Crime solvers follow the money, but experts searching for the lost city of Atlantis? In archaeology, "you follow the stones," Richard Freund said. Freund, a University of Hartford professor, believes he and his research team have found the legendary island-city described by Plato in about 360 B.C. as having "in a single day and night ... disappeared into the depths of the sea."
The Salton Sea: A 'Dead' Sea Ready to Rise?
Woman Goes to Va. Court With Tiny Monkey in Bra
Meet the Real Spider-Man: A Rare Spider With a Human Face
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Supermoon!

10 Craziest Plastic Surgeries to Look Like Someone Else
On 1/12/2010 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 456,687 views

From a grandma who spent thousands trying to look like Jessica Rabbit, to another woman who had over 50 surgeries spurred by her belief that she was Nefertiti. Meet the most bizarre stories of people trying to look like their idols.   Read more »
10 Most Fascinating Medical Miracles
On 7/6/2009 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 251,673 views

Medical skills or the hand of God, meet ten astonishing stories of people who cheated death.   Read more »
8 Most Horrible Tumors
On 3/9/2009 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 230,688 views

From the man with no face, to a 33 pound (15Kg) neck tumor, these ain't for the faint of heart.   Read more »
10 Most Extreme Body Parts
On 2/28/2009 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 851,597 views

From the world's smallest waist --15 inches-- to the longest female beard, some of the most bizarre body parts world records.   Read more »
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10 Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters
On 2/27/2009 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 1,010,843 views

From Jocelyn Wildenstein, a US$4 million monster, to --who else?-- Michael Jackson, meet these ten plastic surgery addicts, terrible examples of plastic surgery gone wrong.   Read more »
7 Bizarre Skin Conditions
On 2/26/2009 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 313,667 views

From Blue Skin to the Werewolf Syndrome, a description and pictures of some of the most rare skin diseases and skin conditions ever seen.   Read more »
10 Unbelievable Medical Mistakes
On 2/16/2009 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 350,256 views

More people die every year of medical mistakes, than from AIDS, car accidents, breast cancer and airplane crashes --combined! Here the some of the worst cases we've found.   Read more »
The Human Body: a dissection
On 1/15/2009 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 109,564 views

From the tiniest veins, arteries and nerves to serial cross-sections of the spinal cord, these incredibly detailed dissections show and label most every part of the human body Meet the Basset Collection.   Read more »
10 Weirdest Phobias
On 12/1/2008 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 155,882 views

From the Papaphobia (fear of the Pope) to Arachibutyrophobia (fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth), the strangest phobias you've ever heard!   Read more »
10 Cocaine and other Drug Products of the Past
On 11/10/2008 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 104,966 views

Cocaine, morphine, and even heroin were seen as miracle cures when they were first discovered. Substances prohibited today were legally available in the past, so until the late 1800, manufacturers proudly proclaimed that their products contained such drugs. Today we present you ten of this incredible old ads.   Read more »
World's Wackiest Addictions
On 11/5/2008 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 220,079 views

From Tanorexia --addiction to tannings-- to the bizarre addiction to eat dirt, TV show My Strange Addiction hasn't covered all. Meet some more of the strangest addictions ever.   Read more »
World's Most Incredible Animal Prosthetics
On 10/8/2008 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 173,269 views

Meet Tonka, the Turtle on Wheels.   Read more »
10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions
On 8/8/2008 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 1,009,727 views

From Sarah Carmen, the woman who has 200 prgasms per day, to another who's allergic to... water!   Read more »
6 Strangest Plastic Surgeries
On 6/27/2008 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 177,444 views

From Six-Pack Surgery, to a Hymen Surgery for Revirgination.   Read more »
7 Most Bizarre Folk Remedies
On 6/20/2008 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 65,352 views

From a Frog Juice for impotence, to bat's blood for eye infections, 7 of the craziest ancient and current folk remedies.   Read more »
Medical Craziness: Extreme Babies
On 2/28/2008 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 434,266 views

"Probably not a genetic problem, but tThis baby born in Iran six months ago, currently weighs an enormous 20 kilos (44 pounds)! The parents say the baby was born a normal weight close to 8 pounds when he was born."   Read more »
10 Most Shocking things found In people's stomachs
On 12/6/2007 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 441,878 views

Excuse me, doc... what is THAT on my stomach?   Read more »
Unfortunate Bodies: 7 Unbelievable Genetic Accidents
On 12/4/2007 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 1,067,031 views
NSFW / 18+

From a man with a 13-inch Tail, to Cyclop Baby, these genetic accidents will freak you out.   Read more »
Real-life Superheroes: 10 People with Incredible Abilities
On 11/27/2007 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 1,442,521 views

With so many superhero movies around, such as Spiderman or Hulk, we are used to see people with special abilities in fiction. But people with amazing abilities actually do exist in real life; here's a list of 10 of the most amazing of these people!   Read more »
A 5-year-old peruvian: world's youngest mother
On 10/24/2007 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 830,987 views
NSFW / 18+

Meet the world's youngest mother. Certain that little Lina Medina had an abdominal tumor, Dr. Lozada examined her, and received the surprise of his life when he discovered she was eight months pregnant.   Read more »
10 Weirdest Diseases
On 5/11/2007 under Bizarre Medical Stories - 1,658,350 views

Blue-skinned people? Vampire Syndrome? When we were kids, we couldn't hear enough about illnesses, horrid medical conditions or weird diseases. Not much has changed since then. When we hear about an outbreak of a flesh-eating bacteria or some other rare sickness, we're fascinated. But now we're also terrified. Some rare diseases are very real and if you catch them, you're a goner. Here's a list with 10 of the most rare diseases out there.   Read more »

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