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When Matadors Get Gored
On 6/27/2009 under Misc - 111,463 views

If you're playing with bulls, chances are you are eventually going to get horned.   Read more »
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The Week in Weird (Naked Protesters Edition)
As we close out another week, it's time to look back on some of the weirdest headlines from across the globe. Like naked protests, Santa Claus being tortured, and the one and only Captain Awesome.
Identity Thief Wanted Bigger Breasts
Latest Jesus Sighting: Outside a Pub in Australia
Beauty Queen Sentenced in Kidnapping of Ex-Boyfriend
Artist Tortures Santa in Gruesome Christmas Ornaments

10 Weird Things you didn't know about Michael Jackson
On 6/27/2009 under Strange People - 331,898 views

From an oxygen bed to his uncommon best friend, some of the strangest things you didn't know about the king of pop.   Read more »
15 Creative Coca-Cola Bottle & Can Designs
On 6/26/2009 under Cool Objects - 161,862 views

A collection of the most creative bottles and cans designed for Coke over the years.   Read more »
12 Coolest Chess Sets
On 6/26/2009 under Cool Objects - 116,400 views

Just because it's one of the most traditional games in history, doesn't mean it has to be boring. Meet some of the most unique chess sets.   Read more »
10 Fascinating Frozen Wonders of Nature
On 6/25/2009 under Weird Science - 131,211 views

From tiny snowflakes to a giant wave-looking glacier, meet some of the most beautiful ice formations sculpted by nature.   Read more »
8 Most Endearing Robots
On 6/24/2009 under Fun Tech - 64,400 views

Just because robots don't have feelings, it doesn't mean we can't have feelings for them. Meet 8 cute robots who will win you over.   Read more »
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Pedobear mistook for Vancouver 2010 OGs
by mazoku-chan on Yesterday 12/11/2010
0 votes
Vancouver-based artist Michael Barrick created the image four months ago by photoshopping Pedobear i(...)
Attack on the queen of Holland
by KC on Yesterday 12/11/2010
0 votes
Not touched. Not the photo and not the queen!
Erma Bombeck gravestone
by wifeofthesnake on Yesterday 12/11/2010
0 votes
Erma Bombeck's gravestone at Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum in Dayton, Ohio
Another 15 Awful Photoshop Mistakes
On 6/23/2009 under Cool Ads - 696,066 views

Oooops, bad photoshop, they did it again! After last year's article on photoshop mistakes, we revisit the subject of bad photoshop jobs with the latest cases we've seen this year around the web.   Read more »
15 Cutest Tattoos
On 6/22/2009 under Funny Signs - 201,316 views

Tattoos, so cute, they'll make you say "awwww"...   Read more »
12 Greatest Low-Tech Inventions
On 6/21/2009 under Cool Objects - 144,929 views

From a non-electrical refrigerator, to cheap adjustable glasses, meet some of the most creative low-tech inventions.   Read more »
Only in the Subway
On 6/20/2009 under Misc - 291,626 views

These things can only happen in the subway   Read more »

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10 Fascinating Elevators
On 6/19/2009 under Cool Places - 115,472 views

From the tallest elevator to the fastest one, see a list of the most remarkable elevators around the world.   Read more »
8 Freakiest Fetishes
On 6/18/2009 under Misc - 269,874 views

Being obsessed about foot is not weird at all when compared to these eight sexual fetishes shown here.   Read more »
13 Interesting Side Carts
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10 Far-out Father's Day Gifts
On 6/17/2009 under Cool Gift Ideas - 130,715 views

Father's Day is coming and you still have no idea what to buy? We have compiled a list of 10 of the strangest, weirdest and most unusual gifts your dad could get.   Read more »
World's Craziest Stunts
On 6/17/2009 under Misc - 115,658 views

Some people do it for sport, some need an extra dose of adrenaline, see some of the craziest stunts ever done.   Read more »
World's Slimmest Houses and Buildings
On 6/16/2009 under Cool Home Design - 125,842 views

Lack of space is no excuse for not making a house: meet some examples of creativity in tinny spaces.   Read more »
10 Coolest (and yummiest) Stuff made from Chocolate
On 6/16/2009 under Cool Objects - 133,316 views

From a F1 Ferrari to a laptop made entirely out of chocolate, meet some of the coolest, edible stuff made out of cocoa.   Read more »
14 Strangest Canned Foods
On 6/15/2009 under Cool Objects - 152,454 views

Check out 14 of the most unusual, questionable, or just plain gross canned foods on the planet.   Read more »
10 Creative Rubik's Cubes
On 6/15/2009 under Cool Objects - 134,552 views

For some people, solving a Rubik's cube is a matter of seconds, to others is a matter of decades. Meet some variations of this game that will defy even the most avid players.   Read more »
Biking down the World's Most Dangerous Road
On 6/14/2009 under Cool Places - 63,202 views

Legendary for its extreme danger, over 250 travelers were killed every year along the Yungas Road, until a new road was built and the old bolivian road became a tourist attraction. Now a favorite destination for mountain biking, our guest author Jason Topa takes us downhill the world's most dangerous road.   Read more »
Extreme Ironing: shirt-ironing the hard way
On 6/13/2009 under Strange Stories - 45,308 views

Extreme ironing seems to be latest danger sport, combining the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt. Meet some of the craziest extreme ironing performances.   Read more »
12 Extraordinary Gold Plated Stuff
On 6/13/2009 under Cool Objects - 79,581 views

From a gold-plated Nintendo Wii, to a dessert topped with edible gold, see twelve incredible –and expensive – gold-plated stuff.   Read more »
15 of the World's Strangest Limousines
On 6/12/2009 under Cool Objects - 210,459 views

Limousine services, car manufacturers and individual designers are going the extra mile to stand out. Meet some of the craziest limousines out there.   Read more »
15 Coolest Piggy Banks
On 6/12/2009 under Cool Objects - 144,700 views

Saving your coins has never been so funny. Meet 15 of the most creative piggy banks.   Read more »
Matryoshkas: 12 Most Creative Russian Nested Dolls
On 6/11/2009 under Amazing Art - 63,610 views

Matryoshkas, or nested dolls, are classic Russian sets of dolls of decreasing sizes, placed one inside the other, used metaphorically to explain concepts with many layers of truth. Meet some of the coolest, most creative Matryoshkas we've seen.   Read more »

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