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Another 15 Unfortunate Product Names
On Today 6/30/2013 under Cool Objects

Urinal hot drink? SOGAY water? Laugh like a 12-year-old again with these silly names for products.   Read more »
10 Oldest Objects Ever Found
On 6/26/2013 under Cool Objects - 53,037 views

From a 4,800 year-old artificial eye to the oldest musical instrument ever found, dated at over 40,000 years old, check out these ancient objects!   Read more »
10 Coolest Pillowcases
On 6/2/2013 under Cool Objects - 64,270 views

Have the best dreams with these creative pillowcases.   Read more »
12 Amazing Things Made With Cardboard Tubes
On 5/24/2013 under Cool Objects - 60,860 views

What exactly can you do with those leftover cardboard tubes? Here are some very creative ideas.   Read more »
10 Coolest Leggings and Tights
On 5/9/2013 under Cool Objects - 97,382 views

Fashion sometimes is a thin line between beautiful and weird. In the case of these pantyhose, the lines are definitely invisible.   Read more »
8 Coolest Spy Gadgets
On 3/31/2013 under Cool Objects - 79,868 views

Espionage is cool, and so are the tools used for it. Meet eight of the coolest spy gadgets that will make you think twice about who you talk to...   Read more »
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12 Unusual Bath Rugs & Mats
On 3/30/2013 under Cool Objects - 65,927 views

Is it time to take a shower? Then you are going to love these creative rugs designed for your bathroom.   Read more »
10 Coolest Futuristic Bikes
On 3/9/2013 under Cool Objects - 66,563 views

Bicycles are becoming a very popular mode of transportation among young people around the world; check out some of the craziest designs.   Read more »
12 Wonderfully Geeky Ice Cube Trays
On 2/24/2013 under Cool Objects - 54,427 views

Any ice cube can cool your drink, but when you're looking to add a touch of dorkiness to your beverage of choice, there's no better option than ice made from these great, geeky ice trays.   Read more »
10 Coolest Camping Tents
On 2/16/2013 under Cool Objects - 100,655 views

If you want to bring more fun to camping, you will love these very creative tents.   Read more »
15 Strangest Bracelets
On 2/15/2013 under Cool Objects - 76,197 views

From a bracelet made out of bike chain parts to a zipper jewelry bracelet, check out 15 of the most bizarre bracelets.   Read more »
14 Funniest My Little Pony Disguises
On 1/12/2013 under Cool Objects - 79,586 views

Check out these funny and cute My Little Pony customizations.   Read more »

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10 Coolest Displays of Topiary Art
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12 Gangnam Style Inspired Objects
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Everyone has seen the latest internet sensation, "Gangnam Style" by Korean singer PSY. If you haven't, where have you been! Meet some crazy objects inspired by this new trend.   Read more »
12 Coolest Cable Organizers
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Here are the 12 best ways to make visible wires more pleasant to the eye.   Read more »
10 Coolest Homes Made From Vehicles
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Take a look inside ten homes that were all recycled from old planes, trains, and automobiles.   Read more »
12 Totally Crazy Slippers
On 9/23/2012 under Cool Objects - 82,406 views

From weird looking to helpful, meet some of the wackiest footwear.   Read more »
10 Wackiest Wigs
On 8/24/2012 under Cool Objects - 76,880 views

Is your hair having a bad day? Then we have the solution for you.   Read more »
12 Wackiest Louis Vuitton Copycats
On 8/5/2012 under Cool Objects - 99,174 views

People will fake anything these days.   Read more »
10 Coolest Zombie Wedding Cakes
On 7/22/2012 under Cool Objects - 105,196 views

Since you can't serve braaaaaaains at the reception, check out ten creative zombie-inspired cake designs.   Read more »
10 Most Incredible Luxury Yachts
On 7/12/2012 under Cool Objects - 107,813 views

From a floating island paradise to a floating city, here are ten of the most amazing vessels ever launched.   Read more »

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