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Top 10 Movies that went wrong
Published 3/21/2006

From a movie that caused cancer to the cast, to the one that made Batman gay. Read more »
Paul Hewson ("BONO" from U2) and other REAL NAMES you didn't know!
Published 3/13/2006

From Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson) to Gordon Sumner (Sting) Read more »
"VICTOR" Frankenstein and other FIRST NAMES you didn't know!
Published 2/21/2006

From ANGUS MacGyver to FRANK Colombo. Read more »

Face the fury of Dick Cheney
Published 2/17/2006

By Myles, our new contributor. Read more »
Top 10 Most Eccentric People you didn't know
Published 2/7/2006

From a japanese Jesus Christ to a Professional Farter. Read more »
Top 10 Most Peculiar Places in the World
Published 2/1/2006

From a Museum of the Penis, to a Fucking village on Austria. Read more »
Top 5 Most Bizarre Products ever
Published 1/23/2006

Eat Alternative Human Flesh, for the cannibal in you. Read more »
Top 10 Wackiest Conspiracy Theories
Published 1/16/2006

Conspiracy Theories: from dinosauroid-like alien reptiles controlling the world to September 11 and Apollo 11 Moon Landings, and other crazy conspiracy theories. Read more »
The Top 10 Craziest Science Stuff you didn't know
Published 12/27/2005

Did you know you can Hypnotize Chickens? Read more »
The Top 10 Dumbest Personal Names ever
Published 12/5/2005

A list of ten people who should really hide their driving license. Read more »

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