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50 Funniest Homer Simpson Quotes
Published 9/13/2006

Most famous Homer Simpson Quotes on beer, love, marriage, donuts, alcohol and work. "Operator! Give me the number for 911!" and other funny simpson quotes. Read more »
You Know You're Getting Older When...
Published 9/12/2006

When the little old gray haired lady you help across the street... is your wife Read more »
50 Dumbest Street Signs
Published 9/5/2006

You wouldn't want to find one of these... Read more »

10 Greatest Robberies of all time
Published 8/23/2006

In Brazil, robbers rented an empty property and then made a 255 ft tunnel to the bank. Read more »
15 Most Bizarre X-Rays
Published 8/16/2006

... Read more »
Top Bushisms: Stupid and Funny George W Bush Quotes
Published 7/18/2006

Top Bushisms: "They misunderestimated me" and other stupid George W Bush Quotes and Funny George W Bush Quotes Read more »
10 Craziest animal behavior
Published 6/5/2006

How do porcupines do it? Read more »
Top 10 Worst Movies ever
Published 5/17/2006

From Manos to Anus Magillicutty. Read more »
Early Names of Music Bands
Published 4/26/2006

From Feedback (U2) to Polka Tulk (Black Sabbath). Read more »
Top 10 Greatest Hoaxes of all time
Published 4/25/2006

From the Loch Ness Monster photo to the Alien Autopsy footage. Read more »

10 Most Amazing Ancient Mysteries
Published 4/21/2006

From the Nazca lines to the Ten Lost Tribes. Read more »
Top 15 Strangest Coincidences
Published 4/17/2006

Lightning can strike more than twice in the same place... and to the same person! Read more »
25 Most Bizarre Jobs
Published 4/14/2006

From a Furniture Tester to an Egg Breaker. Read more »
How to Insult Foreign People
Published 4/10/2006

Insult and be vulgar in 10 languages. Read more »
11 Craziest Mental disorders
Published 4/6/2006

From fear to number 13 to a pathological desire to have sex with a Celebrity. Read more »
Top 10 Greatest Impostors in History
Published 4/4/2006

From the man who sold the Eiffel Tower to a fake monk. Read more »

8 Wackiest self-proclaimed Messiahs
Published 3/30/2006

From a jewish Messiah who became Islamic, to a japanese politician who claims to be God and Christ. Read more »
Top 87 Bad Predictions about the Future
Published 3/28/2006

"We will bury you" (Soviet Premier, on U.S. capitalism) Read more »
10 Science stuff you got wrong at School
Published 3/25/2006

The Water IS blue, not just because of the sky. Read more »
Top 25 Craziest Deaths
Published 3/23/2006

From a dictator who died from VIAGRA to a teenager who was killed by a MiG-23 fighter jet. Read more »

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