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10 Strangest Car Dashboards
On 6/5/2012 under Cool Objects - 110,783 views

From ugly to plain weird, some of the most unique car dashboards ever made.   Read more »
12 Hilariously Honest Product Names
On 6/1/2012 under Cool Objects - 230,873 views

It's very hard to find honesty in the marketing world.   Read more »
10 Most Inappropriate Office Items
On 5/29/2012 under Cool Objects - 145,486 views

Most offices are boring - turn your desktop into a more fun place with these hilariously wrong office gadgets.   Read more »
12 Coolest Pixelated Fashion Accessories
On 5/27/2012 under Cool Objects - 158,682 views

You don't wanna miss this latest fashion trend.   Read more »
12 Coolest Objects Inspired by The Avengers Characters
On 5/15/2012 under Cool Objects - 117,893 views

Are you a fan of this comic series? Take a look at this creative stuff inspired by the main characters of the blockbuster film.   Read more »
10 Weirdest & Geekiest Sweaters
On 5/12/2012 under Cool Objects - 104,951 views

Meet some of the craziest designs that, thankfully, didn't become a trend this winter.   Read more »
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Another 15 Totally Crazy Shoes
On 5/6/2012 under Cool Objects - 120,391 views

'Cause you can never get enough shoes.   Read more »
12 Totally Bizarre Fashion Items You'll Love
On 5/3/2012 under Cool Objects - 182,401 views

For those who want to be trendy at all costs.   Read more »
10 Totally Crazy Glasses
On 5/1/2012 under Cool Objects - 124,368 views

These aren't simple accessories, but ways of expression.   Read more »
12 Creative Napkin Holders
On 4/28/2012 under Cool Objects - 84,076 views

Meet some cool napkin holders that could be a perfect conversation starter for the table.   Read more »
15 Weirdest Lollipops
On 4/21/2012 under Cool Objects - 138,375 views

They're funny looking but taste yummy. Meet 15 of the coolest lollipops ever.   Read more »
13 Creative Bow Ties
On 4/15/2012 under Cool Objects - 77,108 views

Be fashion and trendy wearing some of these 13 awesome bow ties.   Read more »

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12 Most Awesome Easter Eggs
On 4/8/2012 under Cool Objects - 78,565 views

Happy Easter to all of Oddee's fans.   Read more »
10 Wackiest Rings
On 4/7/2012 under Cool Objects - 118,754 views

Are you planning to accessorize yourself? Well, from beer to eyeballs you have a wide variety of crazy options to put around your finger.   Read more »
Gross: 12 Craziest Stuff Created With Hair
On 4/6/2012 under Cool Objects - 100,028 views

From jewelry to sweaters, meet some truly bizarre things created from hair.   Read more »
12 Totally Bizarre Earrings
On 3/31/2012 under Cool Objects - 96,504 views

We all have a weird fashionista inside of ourselves, haven't we?   Read more »
15 Hilarious Pics of Accidental Phallic Symbols
On 3/23/2012 under Cool Objects - 207,803 views

When you pay attention, you start seeing schlongs everywhere!   Read more »
9 Strangest Musical Instruments
On 3/22/2012 under Cool Objects - 111,685 views

The world is full of strange musicians, but even weirder are some of the axes they wield. Meet some of the funkiest instruments ever to squeak, honk, buzz, hum, or bray.   Read more »
10 Amazing Old Stuff That Still Works
On 3/19/2012 under Cool Objects - 179,753 views

Some things were built to last.   Read more »
12 Weirdest Burgers
On 3/11/2012 under Cool Objects - 128,103 views

Enjoy the craziest and most unique burgers you could ever make.   Read more »
15 Coolest Coasters
On 3/3/2012 under Cool Objects - 137,603 views

The coasters are a useful and decorative addition to your home. Here are some of the most creative.   Read more »
10 Unique Stress-Busting Products
On 12/11/2011 under Cool Objects - 98,213 views

We've got ten unique ways to treat your holiday stress!   Read more »
12 Creative Pepper Mills
On 12/4/2011 under Cool Objects - 91,125 views

Enhance your food adding a little spice with these 12 awesome and creative pepper mills.   Read more »
12 Coolest Han Solo Items
On 11/26/2011 under Cool Objects - 93,199 views

Meet some of the best recreations of The Empire Strikes Back's coolest moment.   Read more »
10 Craziest Ice Cream Trucks
On 11/20/2011 under Cool Objects - 90,033 views

Who doesn't love ice cream? Especially when they come out of one of these cool trucks.   Read more »

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