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'No Prostitutes Here' signs
Published 12/20/2005

German towns may erect 'No Prostitutes Here' signs over fears an army of call girls are coming for the 2006 World Cup. A T-shirt of it would make a nice christmas gift, ha. Read more »
Eminem Music Allegedly Used As U.S. Torture Device
Published 12/20/2005

We'll have to agree on this. Read more »
Marc Antony’s laptop being held for $1 million ransom
Published 12/20/2005

Hey that's just mean. Read more »

The self-healing elevators become a reality in Japan
Published 12/20/2005

Because earthquakes suck. Read more »
75-year-old Amish lost $67,000 dollars in a sex scam
Published 12/15/2005

That's just mean. Read more »
Baby left in car while mom at strip club
Published 12/15/2005

A mother who allegedly left her infant boy in an unheated car while she and a friend went into a local strip club was jailed early today on a preliminary charge of felony neglect, police said. Read more »
Britney urged to ''
Published 12/14/2005

Fans of Britney Spears have set up a website urging her to dump Kevin Federline. We would suggest: Read more »
Christmas shoppers beat up Santa
Published 12/14/2005

Police say the two shoppers lost their patience when asked to "tell Santa what they want for Christmas". Read more »
Boy gets his nose back after attack dog swallows it
Published 12/13/2005

A boy of 11 whose nose was bitten off by a dog has had it sewn back on after it was retrieved from the animal's stomach. Yummy. Read more »
'A vaccine helped cure my cancer'
Published 12/13/2005

After taking part in a clinical trial for a vaccine, she is cancer-free. Read more »

Wheelchair Dog Works With Stroke Patients
Published 12/12/2005

A little dog is overcoming his disability and becoming an inspiration to adults. Can he sing too? Read more »
Catholic Interest Group Protests 'South Park'
Published 12/12/2005

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is condemning an episode of "South Park" for 'defiling' the Virgin Mary. Read more »
Superman's bulge worries movie bosses
Published 12/12/2005

Hollywood executives have ordered the makers of Superman Returns to cover it up with digital effects. Executives are just jealous. Read more »
Student Admits Rigging Exploding Pens
Published 12/11/2005

A student admitted rigging pens that exploded and injured three people at two high schools as revenge for being expelled, a detective said. Take note! Read more »
Mayor wants to ban death
Published 12/11/2005

The mayor of a Brazilian town is trying to bring in a law making it illegal for residents to die. Read more »
Let's just call it even, okay?
Published 12/9/2005

A Turkish villager who ran away with his friend's wife has offered his own wife in exchange, newspapers said on Thursday Read more »

£50 litter fine over apple
Published 12/9/2005

A schoolboy got a £50 litter fine after he accidently dropped an apple core as he ran home. Read more »
Mr and Mrs become Mrs and Mrs
Published 12/8/2005

A husband and wife have 'remarried' as a gay couple - 14 years after the groom had a sex swap operation. Poor grandsons. Read more »
Buddhist Monk Arrested For Growing Marijuana
Published 12/8/2005

What? a monk in Japan can't be high? Read more »
Authorities capture dog running loose with arrow in its torso
Published 12/8/2005

And no, the owner was not indian. Read more »

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