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Spectacular Pictures of Geysers
Published on 3/21/2008

Beehive Geyser, Yellowstone

Castle Geyser, Yellowstone

Midway Geyser Basin

Great Fountain Geyser

Sol de MaƱana Geysers, Bolivia

Turban Geyser

Prince of Charles Geyser, New zealand

Yellowstone - White Dome Geyser


Strokkur (meaning "The Churn" in Icelandic) is a geyser in the hot spring area of Haukadalur (Falcon Valley) in southern Iceland. Strokkur erupts very reliably every 5-10 minutes, hurling boiling water to heights of up to 20 metres.

New Zealand

In Soda Springs, Idaho you will find the only captive geyser in the world. The town accidentally found it when they were searching for a hot water source for a swimming pool and water from an underground chamber was suddenly unleashed into the air. The extreme pressure of the water is caused by carbon dioxide mixing with water in the earth below. Staying at an almost constant temperature of 72 degrees, the water is now controlled by a timer and erupts every hour. The geyser reaches heights of up to 100 feet.

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