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10 Incredible Old Computer Ads
Published on 1/16/2008

System Industries: "80 MB for under $12,000" (1977)

HoneyWell: "What the Heck is Electronic Mail?" (1981)

Cromemco: "The New 16K RAM card..." (circa 1977)

Technico Inc TMS9900: "Two bytes are better than one" (1978)

Penril: "We call it a Penril Modem" (1971)

RadioShack: Issac Asimov featuring a color computer (1982)

Digi-Log: "Briefcase Portability" (1976)

LBMS: "Cut through paper-based Case Methods" (1991)

Microsoft: "Introducing Microsoft Excel" (1987)

RadioShack: "Designing a revolutionary concept..." (1985)

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