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Funny exam answers
Published 1/9/2009

How not to pass your exams... Read more »
Fun with Google Suggest
Published 1/9/2009

That auto-completion feature of Google while you type to search sometime throws incredible suggestions. Read more »
13 Tasteless Costumes Ever
Published 5/28/2008

Ok, this is just horrible... Read more »

When Bears meet Modern World
Published 4/16/2008

... Read more »
Google Ads meets Real Life
Published 4/2/2008

... Read more »
15 Most Unfortunately Funny Wedding Announcements
Published 4/2/2008

Some people just aren't meant to be together. At least not these couples... Read more »
Spectacular Pictures of Geysers
Published 3/21/2008

... Read more »
World's Largest Book: 5x7 feet
Published 3/21/2008

... Read more »
Incredible Ice Caves
Published 3/17/2008

... Read more »
Bizarre Schools of the Third World
Published 3/12/2008

... Read more »

Breathtaking Sand Sculptures
Published 2/26/2008

... Read more »
Unlucky Birds: When a Bird hits an Airplane
Published 2/21/2008

... Read more »
15 Worst Book Covers ever
Published 2/19/2008

Do judge this books by their covers. Read more »
You know you're drunk when...
Published 2/19/2008

... Read more »
World's Coolest Ambulance Vehicles
Published 2/18/2008

... Read more »
20 Creepiest Album Covers
Published 2/1/2008

... Read more »

"Elementary, my dear Watson" and other Famous Misquotations
Published 1/22/2008

... Read more »
12 Awful Car Mods
Published 1/18/2008

... Read more »
Awful Traffic Jams from around the World
Published 1/17/2008

... Read more »
10 Incredible Old Computer Ads
Published 1/16/2008

"80 MB for under $12,000" Read more »

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