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50 litter fine over apple

A schoolboy got a 50 litter fine after he accidently dropped an apple core as he ran home.

David Dyas, 11, from Doncaster got the fine even though he picked it up.

His mum Julia Hargreaves, 30, said: "It is disgusting. How is an 11-year-old expected to pay a 50 fine?"

David was spotted by a warden patrolling near Edlington School gates. He was given a warning about littering and asked for his details.

Three days later a letter arrived saying he had been fined for throwing litter, said Julia reports the Mirror.

She added: "He had eaten the apple and put the core in his trouser pocket because I have always taught him to bring his litter home with him. His pockets are shallow and while he was running the core came out. There is no way it was deliberate, he knows not to throw litter on the floor.

"He went to pick up the apple and was caught by this warden. David apologised, told the warden it was accidental and says he was told not to do it again or he could be fined. He came home and told me he had been given a verbal warning - then a few days later we got this letter giving him a 50 fine. He was in tears and even offered to give me 35 he had saved up from his pocket money and go short at Christmas to help pay the fine.

"I'm planning to appeal but if it has to be paid it will be paid although I am not happy.

A council spokeswoman said: "There are no exclusions to what is considered litter, there is no warning system in place and a programme has been set up in secondary schools to educate children that there are no exemptions from the zero tolerance campaign.

"An appeals procedure is clearly outlined at the bottom of the fixed penalty notice should anyone wish to challenge it."

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