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Woman sent to male prison

A Peruvian woman spent a month in a male prison in Argentina after she was mistaken for a man.

And, when she was finally discovered and transferred to a women's jail, she asked to be transferred back.

Pagina 12 newspaper reports that Carla Aguilera was arrested for robbery but told police her name was Manuel Martin Aguilar.

According to police in Buenos Aires, Mrs Aguilera was checked by several policeman but none noticed she was a woman.

An anonymous phone call alerted the police to Mrs Aguilera´s real gender and after a medical examination she was sent to Ezeiza female prison.

A police spokesmperson said: "She looks and acts exactly like a man, it was impossible to see that she is a woman.

"She insists she is a man and wants to be transferred back to the male prison!"

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