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World's Dumbest Robbers [10 hilarious videos]
Published on 12/13/2007

Dumbest. Robber. Ever.

What can we say? You'll never laugh so hard... it's a classic

Robber pointing gun: "Give me five dollars... PLEASE... I'm nice!"

Maybe is the bad afro wig, but this robber is just not being taken seriously.

The Magical Door

This door has magical powers to keep dumbasses inside.

You just don't order food at the same restaurant you robbed

He even fought with the clerk for his change...

You poor thing...

The store manager kicked his ass and took a picture of him with his cellphone

Meet Butterhands

Yeah, this is how you take out your gun

Not the best store to break into

This is why criminals should be nicer to their mothers.

Next time you rob a bank, check for police officers

This security cam shows a man walking into a bank in Little Rock, handing a note to the teller that said "this is a robbery, give me the money". What the robber didn't notice was a Police officer "in uniform" to his left. The officer noticed what was going on and interrupted the "smooth" robbery. After a short struggle they run out the door and eventually the robber gets arrested. The suspect, 21 year-old Langston Robins, is being held on $250.000 bond.

Guess who's got a gun too

The moment the gun object changes hands you can almost hear them whimpering "don't kill me" like a little weasal con man who's been had as he spins his wheels trying to get away.

Wait pal, you want the door on the... nevermind

The very definition of disorganized crime.

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